Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Schedule View-A-Thon 5000 - Monday 19th December

Hello again, what's on the telly on Monday? What? You don't want to know? TOUGH.

Monday 19th December

You should be at work in the morning and afternoon but if you have the good (or ill) fortune to be at home then you can start the day with...

Spacecamp (BBC 2) 9.20am - Kids go to a summer camp at NASA, or SPACECAMP (alloneword). Said kids accidentally launch into space and have to find their way home. It's got Lea Thompson (Marty McFly's mum and the only actress outside of specialist movies to have had sex with an anthropormorphic duck) and Joaquin Phoenix in it. It is not very good.

The Muppets Take Manhattan (Channel 4) 11.55am - Muppets go to Manhattan and take stuff. It's the Muppets, you know who the Muppets are.

After the Muppets you should take a break until...

The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff (BBC 2) 8.30pm - A parody of Dickens material starring Stephen Fry, Robert Webb, and David Mitchell. Let's hope it's good, eh?

As for the rest of the night, BBC 2 continue with Roby Brydon and a Nevermind The Buzzcocks episode with John Barrowman as host. Watch or avoid as appropriate there.

Channel 5 are showing Step Brothers at 9pm, it's a decent comedy as long as you can tolerate two middle-aged men acting like children and indulging in wacky slapstick. If you're not a fan of Will Ferrell then this film will not change your mind. I enjoyed it as a fun, dumb, unchallenging movie. Like ice-cream for the brain. You can follow Step Brothers with Walk Hard starring John C Reilly.

Finally, Channel Four continue their Christmas horror movie tradition with Rosemary's Baby at 12.05am. I love that Channel Four embrace the spirit of Christmas by showing movies about demonic children. Better get those presents right, parents!

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